The state of Rhode Island passes SITES

The state of Rhode Island continues to lead by example in establishing sustainable energy and green building policy. This past fall the Rhode Island legislature passed a bill to expand the state’s eight-year legacy of green public buildings policy to include public lands. The Senate passed S-0952A/H-5427A amending its Green Building Act to include public […]

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Potatoes – Change to Organic

Recent Doctor visit on Dr. OZ by a pediatrician reminded me about potatoes. I wanted to get you the
information in the event you missed it.

Potatoes absorb external pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides through their thin skin. So, peeling them does not remove the problem. Potatoes are on the top two most sprayed starches (although classified as a vegetable). Some do not suffer this problem and peeling them can solve removing pesticides. Remember if you touch the vegetable than wash your hands.

So this is one food to buy organic or locally grown and un-sprayed. Many small town and local growers do not spray but do not have the ORGANIC certification.

Dr G